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Info on Schtyk products:

Discover Schtyk’s certified organic cotton t-shirts in our soft and durable medium weight fabrics. Made to last years of summer fun and ethically sourced from Fair Wear audited factories.

Ethically sourced using suppliers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, with each style PETA approved vegan.

Looking for eco-friendly, organic products for your sustainable fashion brand? All products in this collection are made from 100% organic cotton. This means you can promote your earth-friendly values whilst staying on-trend!

"Using organic cotton and products is a huge factor of importance to Schtyk. Compared to non-organic cotton it is the far superior choice. Some of the benefits are; it’s envi­ron­men­tally friendly, it uses less water to produce and is free from pesticides. Pesticides are hazardous to the local community where the cotton is grown and often ends up in the local rivers and lakes.­ Choose organic cotton 

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